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Medical Student Clerkships

Students at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine are exposed to Radiology beginning their freshman year with the Human Structure course. Their next encounter with imaging is during the Organ Module in their sophomore year. During their junior or senior year, students take a required one month Radiology I course which solidifies their basic knowledge of radiology prior to graduation. The course consists of daily image interpretation sessions in the morning covering all areas of Radiology and required didactic conferences in the afternoon.

The goals are that students achieve a basic knowledge of plain film interpretation as screening tools, enabling them to identify emergent and life threatening situations, as well as to give the student a basic understanding of the indications and protocols for the more specialized imaging modalities such as sonography, computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and molecular imaging (nuclear medicine).

Two additional weeks of Radiology II elective are available to gain further insight into any particular subspecialty within the field. Other electives available are a two-week Pediatric Radiology and a four-week Interventional Radiology. Additional elective time can be arranged with the division of Nuclear Medicine.

Program Information

Alina Gonzalez, Sr. Program Coordinator
Office: (305)585-5778
Fax: (305)585-5743

How to Apply

The Radiology electives are very popular with visiting students from domestic and foreign medical schools who are welcome in the department. Because of limited positions, for information on requirements and scheduling, please contact Alina Gonzalez.