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Cardiothoracic Radiology

Case 1: 57 year old male with history of pulmonary tuberculosis.
Case 2: 64-year-old man with chronic sinusitis and urinary tract infection.
Case 3: 37-year-old alcoholic with fever and pleuritic chest pain.
Case 4: 51-year-old smoker with weight loss and hemoptysis.
Case 5: 15-year-old female with recurrent pulmonary infection with fever and cough.
Case 6: 55-year-old immunocompromised female with hemoptysis and fever.
Case 7: 30-year-old I.V. drug abuser with hemoptysis and fever.
Case 8: 57-year-old male with history of TB presents with chronic cough.
Case 9: 20-year-old male status post gunshot wound to the chest.
Case 10: 22-year-old male with productive cough of long duration.
Case 11: 34-year-old female with weight loss and irregular menses.
Case 12: 41-year-old male status post renal transplant.
Case 13: 38-year-old immunocompromised male with fever and cough.
Case 14: 60-year-old male with history of previously treated TB and chronic lung disease. 30-year history of construction work, including masonry cutting and sandblasting.
Case 15: 87 year-old male underwent CT Chest to investigate abnormal CXR. M/o mitral valve replacement, pacemaker implantation.
Case 16: 22 year-old female – CT Chest for follow up of ovarian malignancy.
Case 17: 76 year-old female brought to ER with left lower quadrant pain and nausea and vomiting for four days.
Case 18: 77 year-old female – SOB and feeling unwell. CXR shows right hilar mass.
Case 19: 25 year-old male with history of significant weight loss. Radiographic findings, Bilateral hilar masses, Areas of atelectasis, Right paratracheal fullness.
Case 20: Clinical Information Pericardial Effusion.
Case 21: Patient presenting with shortness of breath, H/O Vertebroplasty.
Case 22: 36 year-old male with history of HIV/AIDS and Kaposi’s Sarcoma. HPI: SOB, subjective fever and cough.
Case 23: 70 year-old female who is on prednisone for arthritis and presents with recent onset of cough. CXR shows prominent interstitial markings.
Case 24: 37 year-old male with recurrent pulmonary infections.
Case 25: 65 year-old male, smoker with asbestos exposure, evaluate for asbestosis.
Case 26: 22 year-old male with repeated chest infections.
Case 27 40 year old male with hypertension and chest pain.
Case 28 57 y.o. alcoholic veteran, non-compliant with meds
Case 29 47y.o.female with hypothyroidism,sob,cold fingers.
Case 30 56 y.o. male with history of hepatitis and anasarca, work-up for malignancy.
Case 31 45 y.o. man with history of Marijuana use for 30 years and 1 year imprisonment in Grenada.
Case 32 18 y.o. female on chemotherapy for relapsing ALL