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Musculoskeletal Radiology

Case 1: The patient fell on an outstretched hand and now complains of pain at the thumb.
Case 2: Pain. Evaluate for possible fracture.
Case 3: 24 year old male athlete with anterior knee pain.
Case 4: Pain at forefoot.
Case 5: 38 year old male with hindfoot pain, stiffness, and flat foot.
Case 6: The patient noted a snapping sound followed by pain while moving a heavy object.
Case 7: Trauma to hand.
Case 8: Young male with “popping sound” after playing basketball.
Case 9: Shoulder pain.
Case 10: 40 year old female with back pain.
Case 11: Back pain.
Case 12: 69 year old man with chronic right shoulder weakness and pain complaining of fluctuant painless superficial mass overlying the AC joint.
Case 13: Anterior knee pain.
Case 14: 51 year old female with history of melanoma now with left elbow pain.
Case 15: Fell on shoulder.