Overview of Sections

Welcome to the University of Miami’s Department of Radiology!
Our Department consists of five divisions and thirteen sections. Please click on the hyperlinks below to get more information on each division/section.

Department of Radiology

Chairman Robert M. Quencer, MD

Division of Diagnostic Radiology

Medical Director Gary H. Danton, MD, PhD

Division of Diagnostic Radiology at UMHC

Director of Satellite Imaging Services Joel E. Fishman, MD, PhD
Director of Services Felipe Munera, MD

Division of Nuclear Medicine

Director Mike Georgiou, PhD

Division of UMH Radiology Services

Director of Services Felipe Munera, MD

Division of Clinical Research & Research Administration

Section of Clinical Research – Chief Beatrice Madrazo, MD, FACR, RVT
Section of MR Physics – Chief Pradip Pattany, PhD
Section of MR Research – Chief Andrew Maudsley, PhD
Office of Research Administration
Varan Gorind, PhD – Associate Professor
Mohammed Goryawala, PhD – Research Assistant Professor