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MR Physics

Dr. Pattany has been developing and implementing advanced imaging techniques on MRI scanners at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. He has implemented advance MR imaging methods such as the functional, diffusion tensor imaging, 4D Flow cardiac imaging, MR Elastography, and other imaging methods to further the clinical utility of MRI. He has extensive experience in optimizing advanced MR imaging methods on the Siemens and GE MR imaging system.

He reviews clinical protocols with faculty in each section and optimize them on regular basis, and implements most of the research protocols on the scanners. MR Physics is taught to all the faculty, fellows, and residents. He performs all functional, as well as, diffusion tensor imaging for pre-surgical planning of patients with epilepsy and brain tumors to map out eloquent areas related to functional tasks (language and/or motor), and the associated white matter tracts. He collaborates with faculty on extramurally funded research projects.

He monitors weekly ACR performed by the technologists and performs annual ACR on all the MRI scanners, and assesses image quality of all the clinical images for ACR accreditation submission. He coordinates all scanners hardware and software upgrades, including reviewing the technical specification of new MRI purchases and evaluating all the quotes. He coordinates with MR Service engineers to resolve any magnet hardware and software issues on regular basis.

Pradip Pattany, PhD

Pradip Pattany, PhD
Research Professor
University of Miami, Department of Radiology