Service Excellence : Mikaelle Dor & Andrea Roman

Mikaelle Dor & Andrea Roman

Letter of Commendation:

Yesterday I was a patient at SCCC for three annual procedures: annual mammogram, ultra sound and breast MRI. My service was above and beyond excellent. Let me share some details.

All three appointments ran on time. I was walked every step of the way by the staff, nurses and doctors. They explained the procedures thoroughly and asked if I had questions.

After my mammogram and ultrasound, Dr. Kizsonas came in and discussed the procedures with me. He was joined by a very polite and serious resident. They both were caring and offered to answer questions. Again, everything ran smoothly and on time.

My breast MRI was at the Applebaum Center. Team member Mikaelle Dor ran through a series of questions with me. She asked if I had brought medication since I am claustrophobic. I realized I had not taken medication since I had driven myself. She was very understanding and asked if I thought I could complete the test. I assured her I could.

Technologist Andrea Roman prepared me for the test. She was excellent. We again discussed that I had not taken medication. She put me in the machine and connected the contrast IV. Less than five minutes later I panicked and she quickly brought me out the machine. Her care and understanding was no less than excellent. She was calm and efficient. She made sure I was physically ok, got me water and Kleenex. She assured me I did not have to go through with the test or she would wait until I felt I could try again. Her understanding and calm demeanor was the only reason I felt I could try again. I did and got through the test the second time with no problem.

While I am a UM employee, believe me, I am a harsher critic of our own because of it. This care by far exceeded anything I have had at U Health. The entire staff, especially Ms. Roman, should be commended. U Health is a big “5” as far as I am concerned.